the gallery at South Church

The Donald Gallery is named for its founder, Robert Donald, and his wife, Elizabeth. The first exhibition in 1982 was of missing children. Since then, local painters, photographers, and sculptors have shared their unique views of life, the world, the self. The gallery was the first exhibition space in Dobbs Ferry.

Today, the Gallery is curated by Donna Thompson and Cheryl Hajjar, and displays a half-dozen shows each year.

The 2015-2016 schedule is as follows:

Sep 27th - Oct 25Rachel Posner, Opening October 11th.
Nov 1- Dec 6Bonnie Mincu
Dec 13- Jan 10Marie McCann
Jan 17th- Feb 21Iris Cohen
Feb 28th- Apr 3Emily Kotchen
Apr 10- May 22Donna Thompson

To learn more about the gallery, or to inquire about a show, please contact the South office at: info@

The Donald Gallery

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